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The Shakti Beauty Routine

The Shakti beauty routine is a precious moment to reconnect with your gaze, with your natural beauty and to take care of your soul...

We have gathered nature in a bottle to offer you its most unique benefits and to help you create a sacred ritual and a radiant hygiene of life, which is as good for your skin as for your well-being!


It smells so good! The textures are so Wow! Your invigorated features will thank you...
and the planet too! You will love them!



01. Prepare Cleanse and Remove Makeup
02. Hydrate Tonify
03. Regenerate Eye area / Serum / Skin care cream
04. Purify Weekly care: Exfoliate / Mask
05. Body care Drain, smooth and tone

icone 01

prepare | cleaning

  • foaming cleansing gel 
    Pure Gel Defense Our purifying foaming gel removes impurities and excess makeup. The formula is very gentle, thanks to its organic Aloe Vera gel. It contains activated charcoal and white clay to purify the skin and free it from impurities. Extracts of lavender, sage and rosemary leaves prevent the proliferation of bacteria-causing acne. Follow-up with moisturizing Mist Defense and then apply the Shakti Cosmetics serum and / or creams best suitable to your skin type.
  • silky cleansing milk
    Cells Clean Defense : Our cleansing milk gently removes excess makeup, fat and sebum. With the essential oils it contains, it has antibacterial, toning, and moisturizing properties. Follow-up with Mist Defense and serum and / or the Shakti Cosmetics creams best suited to your skin type.
icone 02

Hydrate - Tonify

Moisturize tone and carry the ingredients into the cells

  • moisturizing mist
    Mist Defense : Our moisturizing mist hydrates with aloe vera and tones with its essential oils. In addition, it helps balance the skins pH level and allows for a better absorption of the active ingredients. It also eliminates surface bacteria that can cause acne. To use it, just spray your face and neck after cleansing and removing make-up from your skin. While the drizzle is still wet, apply the serum and / or Shakti Cosmetics creams suitable for your skin type.
icone 03

regenerate and protect

  • Eye contour cream (anti-aging effects)
    Eye Contour Defense : This light and creamy-textured eye contour cream promotes cell renewal, densifies, and plumps the skin while protecting it. With daily use, wrinkles and fine lines are smoother and dark circles and bags are subdued. Apply the eye cream just before the serum and / or creams best suited to your skin type.

  • total youth Serum
    (Serum Eternity) : A complementary treatment to our creams, this serum is filled with organic and non-comedogenic essential oils; it enhances the anti-aging properties in our creams, while moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Apply on clean skin and follow up with our facial cream best suited to your type of skin. This product may be used day or night.

  • Total youth cream (anti-aging effects)
    (Eternity Defense) : This cream protects the skin from external aggressions, stimulates cell renewal, moisturizes and firms. It is used day and night, as much on the face as on the neck. It follows the application of the serum and may be used day or night.

  • Total youth cream / sensitive skin (anti-aging effects)
    (Sensitive Defense) : This cream has the same properties as the Eternity Defense Cream and is combined with essential oils to prevent the proliferation of acne-causing bacteria and redness. It follows the application of the serum and can be used day or night.

04 - Purify - Weekly care

icone 04

Purify - Weekly care

Detoxify and re-mineralize

  • deluxe enzymatic exfoliant
    Exfolia Defense : To remove dead skin cells without irritating the skin, use our exfoliant once or twice a week. Once your skin has been cleared of this superficial layer, it will better absorb the active ingredients in our products. Complete with our Mist and a moisturizer best suited to your skin type (may also be used on sensitive skin).

  • deluxe detoxifying mask 
    (Pure Mask Defense) : With Quebec’s green clay, our mask absorbs impurities; zinc oxide acts as an antibacterial and naturally diminishes scars. Bentonite clay is rich in minerals and has a decontaminating effect, while the essential oils hydrate and purify the skin. Use once a week on clean, dry skin (may also be used on sensitive skin).

icone 05

body care

Drain, smooth and tone

  • Slimming / Firming Cream
    (Svelte Defense) : Exfoliate your body regularly and apply Svelte Defense to lightly moist skin on a daily basis, in those areas showing cellulite symptoms.


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