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We have created an ultra versatile range that adapts to all skin types. Whether sensitive, acne-prone, young, mature or thick and lacking in moisture, Shakti Cosmetics meets your needs. Our range contains ingredients that thoroughly cleanse and treat the skin while keeping its hydrolipidic barrier intact. Key ingredients that purify, protect, nourish and regenerate the skin deeply. Don’t worry, our essential oils are non-comedogenic and cold extracted to preserve the integrity of the beneficial molecules of these precious oils. In addition, each product contains high-performance ingredients for targeted actions such as hyaluronic acid, patented glycogen, patented vitamin C, activated vegetable carbon, pullulan, etc. All this with the aim of strengthening the skin, stimulating cell regeneration and preserving its youthfulness.

Our products have no endocrine disruptors. Moreover, the preservatives and perfume are of natural origin.


Our products are developed in a Montreal laboratory which has 40 years of experience in the creation of organic cosmetics.

This laboratory is GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practices) by Health Canada and their chemists use the best natural ingredients of the hour from organic cosmetology so that our products are healthy and high-performance.

Environmentally friendly produtcs

No question of sacrificing nature to create cosmetics! All of our product formulations are Vegan, cruelty-free and biodegradable. Our containers are made of recyclable plastic and our boxes are made of recyclable cardboard (ink included) FSC certified for Forest Stewardship Council. It is an independent certification system, ensuring that forests are managed in a responsible and sustainable way. In addition, we are proud to have several Quebec and Canadian ingredients in our products and to employ people from here.

Unlike the majority of traditional consumer products, we are proud to bring you Vegan products that do not contain any fillers, petroleum-derived ingredients, parabens, endocrine disruptors, preservatives, chemical fragrances or other unhealthy ingredients.



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